NHS to auction off 2 York houses, to try to raise £700,000+
TWO former rehabilitation homes for mental health patients in York are being auctioned off by the NHS.
It is anticipated that the properties in Elmfield Terrace in Heworth and in Shipton Road in Clifton will raise more than £700,000 in total when they are sold at auction in London on Thursday.

Three Houses Built of Stone—Marble Rhinoceroses Included
Marc Eckõ, founder of Complex magazine, restored this 1886 granite-and-limestone house on 32 acres, and commissioned two marble rhinoceroses for the garden. The home has seven bedrooms, eight full baths and five half-baths, and a stone tower with a bar. Agents: VincenzaMontrone and Nan Reil of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

New district boundaries leaves Senate wary of House’s red meat menu
The Florida House is racing ahead with what some are calling a red meat menu of election-year bills aimed at luring Republican voters, but fellow GOP leaders in the Senate have emerged suddenly as a wall of resistance.
A reason: Many of these senators will be running for re-election this fall in newly redrawn districts, where Republicans no longer hold overwhelming dominance.

Fire razes 200 houses in Cagayan de Oro City
A 12-hour fire struck this seaport capital Sunday morning, leaving about 1,000 people homeless.
The fire gobbled up more than 200 houses of light and concrete houses in Pinikitan, Camaman-an, Cagayan de Oro City about 2 a.m. Fire out was declared past 1 p.m.
Fire officials are still determining the cause of the fire even as witnesses said that the fire started in a house owned by a certain “Judy.” The fire occurred just as the rain drizzled after months of dry spell spawned by the El Niño phenomenon.

The hottest real estate in Sydney: three-bedroom houses up to $1.5 million
If you have a three-bedroom home priced up to $1.5 million that can squeeze in a young family, congratulations, you own the hottest property in Sydney.
After auction clearance rates collapsed and prices dropped in the last quarter of 2015, many vendors may have approached the first auction days of this year with some trepidation.